Some Good Learning #sol17

Today, my class presented for their Sharing Assembly.  These assemblies happen once a year for each class, and they share what they learned in their last unit.  It’s fun to see every class’s individual spin on the Sharing Assembly, and it is interesting to see what all of the classes are doing.  It is so easy to get stuck in your own classroom and forget about all of the other good learning going on in the school.  Parents of the presenting class are invited, and many of them attend.

My students presented what they learned during their last unit on conflict.  They talked about performance assessments, field trips, science experiments, books we read together, learning experiences, and writing assignments.  They wrote their own presentation and shared their own ideas; all I did was move from one slide to the next.  They finished with Mandarin and Spanish skits and a performance with their ukuleles.

It only lasted about 20 minutes, but they did a great job.  We received a lot of positive feedback from parents, teachers, and administration, and I was so proud of them.  It’s hard to see how much they are really learning until you take a step back and see it all laid out in front of you.  Yeah, they did some good learning in our last unit.  Excellent!

2 thoughts on “Some Good Learning #sol17

  1. hansonberries says:

    What a great idea! Showcasing each classroom gives students AND their teacher a chance to shine. It sounds like it is also a way to reflect on learning and all of the great things going on in your classroom! Glad it went well!


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