Grammar is Fun! #sol17

I have found a way to trick my students.  It’s not a mean trick.  It isn’t even really a trick, but it does cause them to be confused about grammar.  This trick makes them think that grammar is fun.  They get excited about doing grammar. Yes, you read that right: my fifth grader students get excited about doing grammar.  (Full disclosure: I think grammar is fun, but I’m a teacher, so I’m nerdy like that.)

How do I manage this feat? It’s the oldest trick in the book: I make it a game.  But this game isn’t even inherently fun; it just seems fun.  They don’t get to move around; they aren’t on teams.  They are doing multiple choice questions individually, but they think it is fun.

So what game is this?  We “play” grammar using Plickers cards after our Morning Meeting.  I ask 4-5 multiple choice questions, and students use their Plickers cards to answer the questions.  Then we talk about the answer.  That’s it.  Lamest game ever.  But it makes them think grammar is fun.  And we practice grammar skills.  And it doesn’t take a long time.  And they get excited to do this every day.  Mission accomplished.

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