Just the Way We Like It #sol17

I love taking walks with my husband.  Our best conversations happen when we are walking.  We talk about life, work, the future, vacations, buying a house, maybe having children.  I guess there is something about being outside, away from everything, that just helps us really open up and talk about the important things.

We often walk around a little neighborhood that is across the street from us.  Since we live in an apartment, it is fun to pretend that we live in one of the houses and are walking around our neighborhood.  It makes our dream of buying a house seem more real when we are walking amongst real houses.

Today, we decided to widen our horizons a bit.  We tackled a trail that is close to our house; it was so nice to spend time in the beautiful weather, under the shady trees, in the dappled sunlight. While we were walking, we passed some people, and plenty of dogs, but for most of the walk, it was just the two of us.  Just the way we like it.


2 thoughts on “Just the Way We Like It #sol17

  1. hansonberries says:

    Getting out of the house/apartment and away from the distractions within those walls and walking is so relaxing and maybe gives a chance to feel more relaxed to talk about the important things in life, especially our partner. Nice you have a place to do this together.


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