Disappointing Curries #sol17

My husband and I like to cook.  And we like to eat.  We especially like Thai food and Thai curries.  We were excited when we had the opportunity to cook two different Thai curries in the past few weeks.  Yay for curry!

First, two weeks ago, we made a green curry for our friends who are gluten-free, vegetarian, and overall just picky eaters.  We were pretty pumped that this recipe fulfilled all of our friends’ dietary needs and sounded delicious at the same time.   We made it, and then we ate it. It was disappointing.  We’re not sure exactly what the problem was, but there was just something missing in the flavor palette.

Then, tonight, we made a yellow curry from our Blue Apron box that we get once a month.  Again, we were excited about having Thai food at home.  It sounded delicious.  Yay.  We made it, we ate it; again, it was disappointing.  We’re still not sure exactly what was missing, but something was not quite right.  Hmmm….

So either curry is just better at a Thai restaurant or we are really struggling to find a good curry recipe to make at home.



One thought on “Disappointing Curries #sol17

  1. hansonberries says:

    I don’t know much about curries, but I can relate to the disappointment when your taste buds are geared up for a certain flavor and the food falls short. I hope you find the right recipe or ingredient that fills your Thai taste buds!


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