Chasing Butterflies #sol17

I had lunch recess duty today, and I was sitting on the bench in the dappled sunlight of our playground tree.  One student came over to sit on the bench with me to read her book (part of the new generation of Twilight fans).  Another student and his younger sister came over to talk (also because he likes the Twilight reader).  Then, in perfect unison, the brother and sister see a yellow butterfly, jump up, and start chasing it.  I’m not sure what the purpose of all this theater was, but it was perfect in its enthusiasm and innocence.  It happened several more times as they continued to see more butterflies (or maybe it was just one very harassed butterfly), and every time, it made me laugh out loud.  They were so excited to see that butterfly, to be outside on a beautiful day, to engage in the chase.  They always came back without the butterfly and out of breath, but that never discouraged them from chasing after the next butterfly they saw.  It was easy to see at that moment that they were related.  Since I have taught both of them, I know that they claim not to like each other and to get on each other’s nerves (but really, what siblings don’t get on each other’s nerves sometimes).   But this was pure joy and sibling connection.  I felt like I connected with my students in this silly moment, and it was just another reminder of why I love teaching and working with kids.  They are so excited about life and learning and being outside.



6 thoughts on “Chasing Butterflies #sol17

  1. Lisa C says:

    Nice! If they are Twilight fans, I am assuming they are old enough that most people might assume they’d be past the chasing butterflies age. Good for them!


  2. theapplesinmyorchard says:

    Love your post about your students, connecting to them, and they connecting to nature. Butterflies are passion of mine, teaching our elementary students for almost 12 years about their life cycles and habitat needs. It has become a part of who I am. I really enjoyed your joyful post.


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