The Slices of Summer

Since this is my last week of summer vacation before heading back to school for teacher inset, I am going to share some slices from my vacation.

Learning to drive a car with manual transmission: One day, I was trying to drive to Walgreens (which is half a mile from my house), and I stalled the car so many times at a traffic light that people had to get out of their cars to help me. It felt like I was there for hours, though it was probably not even five minutes. It was pretty embarrassing.

Learning German and going to Germany: Among other things, Duolingo has taught me how to say things like The mouse is reading a book, Your eyes are like stars, and He loses a lot of blood. I can safely say I used none of those phrases while I was in Germany. I did have another funny memory in Germany that you can check out here.

Paddleboarding for the first time: My husband and I spent the night at a friend’s parents’ lake house while we were traveling in Wisconsin. The sun was setting, and we decided to try out the paddle boards they had. We strapped on our very hip life vests and headed out on the lake, me with a paddle that was a bit too short. It was easy to paddle with the current, but a little harder once we had to turn around.

ISTE in San Antonio: Since I couldn’t get a hotel room, I had to drive to and from San Antonio every day. It was a bit tedious, but it gave some good downtime and mental space to process everything I learned while I was there (which you can read about here, here, here, and here).

Baking my first cherry pie: Nothing says Texas summer like standing by a hot, hot oven and baking a pie! I made my first lattice crust, and even though pitting the cherries was a bit like a battle (my hands certainly looked like they were covered in blood by the end of it), the pie was delicious!

A couple of special slices from a summer full of reading by the pool, running in the morning, spending time with friends, and traveling.


4 thoughts on “The Slices of Summer

  1. scanloe24 says:

    Loved how you captured the moments of summer. I think I will try that for a post. I want to make a cherry pie now! I am always terrified of making a crust.


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