Everybody Loves a Wedding

There is a lot to love about weddings: friends, family, dancing, love, commitment, happiness. I have been to several weddings in the past few years for friends that I have known for most of my life. This past weekend, I went to my last wedding for awhile; I don’t have any other friends who are engaged. This made me think about all of the fun, beautiful, unique details that I have seen at these special events over the past three years (in no particular order):

Handwritten notes to each guest from the bride and groom

Tacos for cocktail hour

DJs who know just when to move on to the next song

Strings of lights hanging above the dance floor

Live bands playing covers of your favorite songs

Seeing all your friends together in one place (so much better than a high school reunion)

Helping groomsmen tie their bowties

Photobooths and instant cameras that create a pictorial guest book

All kinds of “first looks”: whether at the ceremony or before, there is nothing like watching the groom see his bride for the first time.

Perfect wedding weather (I hope I’m not jinxing future weddings, but every wedding I have been to has had amazing weather.)

When the groom dips the bride for their first kiss

Toasts that make you laugh

First dances at the beginning of the night, right after they enter the reception

Meeting new people at your table

Sitting with all of your high school friends at your table

Driving the bride and groom to pictures

Sitting in the limo with the entire wedding party after the ceremony

Watching the bride and her bridal party get “prettied up” with fancy hair and makeup

The minutes after the bridesmaids are in their dresses but the bride hasn’t put her dress on yet

The bride’s parents seeing her for the first time in her dress

Meeting old and new friends of your friends that you have never met before

Decorating the bride and groom’s hotel room for after the reception

The thing I love the most though is just how beautiful my friends look when they are getting married. They are love and happiness personified in these moments. I am so lucky to have such lovely women as my friends.



One thought on “Everybody Loves a Wedding

  1. Denise Krebs says:

    Andrea, I love all these snippets of wedding life in the 21st century. One daughter was married in May this year, and another one next year. In fact, I’ve sent the link to your post to my daughter who will get married next August.

    Thanks for sharing. I love the delightful words you say about your friends!


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