Running in the Summer #sol17

It’s hot

Even at 7:15 in the morning

It’s hot

I can get about a mile in

Before the sweat starts

Dripping in my eyes

It’s hot

It’s humid

The cruelest joke of Mother Nature

The coolest time of day

Is also the most humid

It’s hot

Darting from shady spot to shady spot

Avoiding the bright sunny spots

Feeling the heat coming up from the pavement

It’s hot

The sun is in my eyes

I feel it on my head

On my skin

It’s hot

The rain last night

Has made my trails unmanageable

So for today

I have to run

Away from the shady trees

And summer leaves

And cool, dark patches

Of wooded trails

It’s hot


4 thoughts on “Running in the Summer #sol17

  1. Amy Warntz says:

    As a fellow runner myself, I am right there with you. Then when winter arrives, I complain about running in the cold windy, weather…sigh! Glad you got out there and owned those miles!


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