Student-Led Conferences

Today was my first experience with student-led conferences.  It is an entirely unique experience seeing my students interact with another adult about their learning. I love seeing how the parents engage with their children and talk to them about their work and what they have learned this year.  It shows me how much my students have learned this year (a lot!) and how they talk about their knowledge with their parents.  It’s fun to see all of my students’ work in one place–their portfolio–and have them be able to show it off to their parents. My students sound so mature when they talk about their portfolios.  It makes me very proud of them and all that they have achieved this year.

Today, I had a special circumstance: I have a set of triplets in my class, and today, their mom came in to check out their portfolios. She sat with each of them individually and was very engaged with all of their discussions. Even though she saw a lot of the same information–they are in the same class with me after all–she was never bored or disengaged with them. Each student got his own special praise and recognition for his own personal achievements.  It was so sweet and genuine.  I’m not a parent, so I don’t really understand this kind of love, but I enjoy watching it second-hand.

Student-led conferences: A good reminder that we are working with little people that are very special to their parents.  slice-of-life_individual


One thought on “Student-Led Conferences

  1. MAK says:

    Student led conferences are one of the most powerful experiences of teaching. Each one has beautiful moments between parents and students.


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