Spread the Love

It’s so easy to forget about all of the things that people do to make a school run smoothly.  I had noticed that our front desk person/nurse/errand runner/lunch helper seemed a bit down lately, so I thought of a way to cheer her up a little.  I had my students practice a little appreciation.  I had some postcards that said “Thank you!” on the front of them, and my students wrote little thank you notes to members of staff around the school.  I told them that I had our nurse in mind, but they didn’t have to write a note to her necessarily.  The only rule I gave is that it had to be someone who didn’t have her own class (I figure classroom teachers get already love from their students), but the specialists teachers and any administration were acceptable for this mini-project.  As usual, my students rose to the occasion, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at what they had to say:IMG_4285IMG_4286

We are reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, and we just read the part where Leo and Stargirl (the protagonists) were talking about getting credit when you do something nice.  We had a discussion about it, and I decided that we should give a little credit to the many people around our school.  I definitely want to do this again!  They were enthusiastic about it as well.  Everyone likes to spread some love!


2 thoughts on “Spread the Love

  1. Jen Driggers says:

    What a great idea and reminder to spread the love. We get so busy in our classrooms and with our students, that sometimes we do forget to show our appreciation at random times. In my school, we only have one person working in the main office and she’s doing the job of 2 people. If I didn’t read your post tonight, I may have just went on with my normal day to day routines, but now I’m thinking our secretary may need to get some cards from some first graders and feel the love. Thank you!


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