Dinner for Four #sol17

Every week, my husband and I have dinner with another couple.  Sometimes we go out, sometimes we cook for each other, but we always find time to get together each week.

I went to college with half of the couple, and she reached out to me via Facebook when she and her (then) fiancé moved to Austin.  What started as a bit of an awkward reunion, since it had been more than five years since we had talked and we, more or less, had to start from scratch, has turned into an amazing friendship.  Our weekly dinners are a highlight of our week.

So tonight was our “Taco Tuesday”, even though it’s Thursday (we usually have dinner on Tuesdays, and we often have tacos).  We cooked, which is a bit of an adventure since she is a gluten-free vegetarian and he is a picky eater.  So far, we have always been able to find something to please both of them, and we enjoy finding new recipes to try with them.

It’s so nice to have a routine.  And to have friends you can count on.  And time set aside to catch up and spend time together.


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