I Knew This Would Be My Slice Today #sol17

I knew this was going to be my slice as it was happening!  My students got really excited about sentence types today, and it was such a happy teacher moment that I knew I would have to share it with the slicing community.

We had talked about sentence types earlier in the year, but I felt like we needed more practice with it (which we definitely did).  I gave pairs of students 10 different sentences, and they needed to sort them into simple, compound, or complex sentences.  Most of them got the simple sentences and the “not simple” sentences.  It was a lot harder for them to see the differences between compound and complex sentences.  The lesson ended with me feeling like we needed to do more with this.

During independent reading, I will ask the students do a short reading-based task while they are reading.  This might find the theme of the section that they read that day; they might write down an unfamiliar vocabulary word in context.  Then we come together and share.  Today, I had the students to write down a simple, compound, and complex sentence that they found in their books on post-it notes.  Then the fun began.

My class was so engaged with sharing their sentences!  They were stretching their hands in the air, so I would call on them to share their sentences.  They listened intently to their classmates’ sentences.  As we talked about complex sentences, many students discovered different ways of using commas.  My class thought all of this was hilarious.  They had such good sentences!  I was smiling so hard during this entire lesson.  Who would’ve thought sentence types could be so much fun?


6 thoughts on “I Knew This Would Be My Slice Today #sol17

  1. Ramona says:

    Love that you took this lesson into reading workshop today. I’m sure looking for the three kinds of sentences helped the students understand sentence types so much better.


  2. Laurie Pandorf says:

    Although we prefer to teach the “big” stuff like interpretation and theme, our kids sometimes prefer the concrete. The good news is that they genuinely were engaged, so kudos to you!


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