Early Morning Dramatics #sol17

Alas, my vacation ends tomorrow.  I’ve been visiting my parents for part of Spring Break, and I’m leaving tomorrow very early in the morning.  My flight leaves at 5:45 AM.

Which means, I had to get up this morning at 5:45 in order to check in for my flight. If you’re flying Southwest, it’s important to check in on time, so you can board the plane earlier.  I have discovered over my years of flying Southwest that if you have an early morning flight, you have to be up ready to go exactly at your check in time because everyone else gets up to do the exact same thing.  It isn’t as big of a deal in the afternoon for some reason; I can check in two hours late and still get a good boarding position.  In the morning, though, if I checked it two hours late, I might not get a seat on the plane (ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but it can feel like that).

So, this morning, I dutifully woke up to my alarm at 5:43 and loaded my name and confirmation number into the app.  Then, as soon as my phone turned over to 5:45, I clicked the check in button.

Success! I am in the first boarding group for both of my flights! Time to go back to bed…


6 thoughts on “Early Morning Dramatics #sol17

  1. Colin Davitt says:

    That totally stresses me out! I sometimes check in seconds after the allowed time and I’m way down the seating list. I’m still a big fan of the airlines and so far have never been left off the flight. Yet.

    I’m always sad to have vacations end.


  2. Raivenne says:

    Wow I’m the person who books the flight and assign myself a seat at the onset. That check-in thing would freak me out way out. Sad your vacation is over, but glad you were able to check-in and breathe easier for it.


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