Home Alone #sol17

It is still fun to be left home alone by my parents.  Even though I am adult with my own home, there is something exciting and thrilling about having my parents’ whole house to myself.  I feel a bit like Harry Potter when his aunt, uncle, and cousin leave him alone.  I am free to do whatever I want to do! I can eat all the food I want, watch whatever I want on TV, make as much noise as I want, go wherever I like.  Pure freedom!

What did I do with all this freedom this morning?  Read a book, of course.


4 thoughts on “Home Alone #sol17

  1. mlb1202 says:

    Love this. I feel the same way when I am at my parent’s house, my childhood home, by myself. It is a very different feeling then when I’m alone in my “own” home. It’s almost nostalgic. Not to mention, there is no stress of getting the laundry done, emptying the dishwasher or anything else I worry about doing when I have my own house to myself. You said it best, it’s pure freedom. 🙂 Enjoy your time.

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  2. hansonberries says:

    It’s the little things! My parents are not longer around to visit but I feel this way when I am home in my own house! It isn’t very often that I get that chance! But I think the feeling is the same!


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