A Pleasant Surprise #sol17

Today, I finished a book that took me five months to read.  Now, I didn’t actively read this book for five months, but I did start it in October and finish it in March.  The book wasn’t bad–I actually enjoyed it–but I found that it was not the right book to read right before bed, which is when I usually get my reading done.  There were a lot of characters to keep track of and a lot of historical information to sort through.  I would read 1-2 pages and be too tired to turn the page.  I needed a different strategy for tackling this book.

So I made it a vacation book.  I have been reading it in bits and pieces every time I travel over the past five months.  It turned out to be a good travel book because it was long enough (448 pages) that I didn’t need to bring a lot of other books with me.  Since it was a little dense, it was good to read it when I wasn’t busy thinking about work or errands or anything like that.  I looked forward to reading it when I was traveling, but didn’t have a big desire to read it when I was at home.

I have been reading this book on my Kindle, so I never really knew how long it was.  I just had a percentage of what I had read so far as my guide.  So this morning, I realized I was a lot closer to the end than I thought.  I was at 70% completed when the beautiful words “Epilogue” appeared on my screen.  I didn’t have 30% of the book left; I only had the epilogue!  I had completely forgotten that a book like this would have lots of notes and annotations and bibliography information at the end of it.  Victory!  It is so nice to have this big book completed.

What book was it? Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson.  Don’t like my leisurely stroll through this book tell you that I didn’t like it.  It got a solid 3-star rating on Goodreads from me.  I guess I just found his other books more riveting.

3 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise #sol17

  1. mrssurridge says:

    This has happened with my last two book club books. I think I liked both of them, but with only the few minutes to read before I dropped the book on my face every night at bedtime, it took me forever to finish and I don’t think I got the most out of either. I have read Dead Wake, but I read it on my summer break. I didn’t want a broken nose.


  2. Juliette says:

    I feel very bad when It takes me forever to finish a book, during the school term. I keep most of my huge novels for the holidays, as I am more relaxed and enjoy the stories better!


  3. hansonberries says:

    I have had books like that. They weren’t good bedtime books, but they were good if I had long stretches of time to really absorb them. I always worry, though, that I will forget the story line or the characters, or something!


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