Walking Alongside Cars #sol17

Tonight, my husband and I walked to the movies.  We live about 2 miles from the closest movie theatre, which turned out to be about a 40 minute walk each way.  We love walks, because we have our best conversations while we are walking.  There were some noticeable differences between the walk there and the walk back.

On the way there, it was warm and sunny; on the way home, it was dark and chilly.  On the way there, we walked alongside fast-moving, late-afternoon traffic; on the way home, we were passed by only a few, slow-moving cars.  On the way there, we were excited to see a movie (Lion: I highly recommend it, though be warned, it is very emotional); on the way home, we were excited to get home and go to bed.  On the way there, I took off my cardigan and hooked it over my purse; on the way home, I buttoned up my cardigan and wished I had something warmer to wear.  On the way there, the afternoon sun followed us; on the way home, the full moon followed us.

I live in Texas, which is a very car-centric state, but there is something nice about walking to go somewhere, right alongside people driving in their cars to go somewhere.  Two ways of accomplishing a similar purpose.



2 thoughts on “Walking Alongside Cars #sol17

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    This is such a neat slice! I am going to steal….er borrow the structure! Comparing your walk to and then from the movie theater. Great idea. I live in Chicago so I can definitely relate to the changing weather/temperature in such a short period of time. Cool!!!


  2. hansonberries says:

    I love walking. We often take our dog and walk to the store which is about a mile away. I especially enjoy it if it is snowing gently. It always seems so peaceful. Great times to share together! Slowing the steps in a fast-paced world.


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