12 Weeks is Just Too Long to Wait #sol17

I have short hair.  I have always had short hair, and I love having short hair.  Because of this, I love getting haircuts.  When you have short hair, getting a haircut is the best thing ever because you can finally have your hair the length that you actually want it.  The rest of the time, it’s too long.

I get my hair cut every six weeks.  I go to a beauty school so I can actually afford to get it cut that often, and I get excited for every appointment.  It is just such a good feeling when my hair is newly shorn.  It’s so light and free.

The last time I tried to get a haircut, it never happened.  I went for my appointment, and they told me that the person who was supposed to cut my hair didn’t show up that day.  Ok.  I don’t really care who cuts my hair; my one-length cut is not that complicated.  I can wait for someone else to cut it.

So I wait…

And I wait…

And after two hours, even my desire to get a haircut has waned, and I leave.  I’m sad because I waited for two hours and didn’t even get it cut!

So today, 12 weeks after my last haircut, I finally get it cut.  Yay!



5 thoughts on “12 Weeks is Just Too Long to Wait #sol17

  1. shrontk says:

    My hair always drives me crazy and I have every intentions of going in to get it cut but don’t seem to take the time to just do it. So, that is why I end up with 6 months between cuttings. You are right it does make you feel so much better. So, I will make that time.


  2. ccahill2013 says:

    I agree! I love getting my hair cut!!! Mine is curly and the minute it gets too long it’s wild and out of control. I could totally relate to your excitement-turned-frustration on what was supposed to be your hair cut day. I liked the word “shorn” – hair that is newly shorn. That word caught my eye!


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