Being Surrounded By Stars #sol17

Last night, I ran a nighttime half marathon.  Usually races like this occur in the early morning, which has many advantages: you get it over with first thing, your legs are fresh, you have the rest of the day to recover, it’s a good way to start a day.  I get all of these things.  I have run many races like this and have experienced all of these things.  Life is good when you run in the morning.

I am not normally a nighttime runner.  I don’t know if it’s my mother’s voice in my ear or what, but I just don’t feel as comfortable running at night.  I don’t like leaving my runs until the end of the day because other things will come up, and I won’t have the time to do it.  This race is unusual for me.   But there is also something very special about running at night.

The course is through a golf course, outlined by green glowsticks.  Everyone has to wear a headlamp because the glowsticks don’t light up the path all that well.  Whenever I was feeling lonely–this is not a very large event and there were many times that I was running by myself–I looked up and was comforted to see bobbing headlamps all around me.  Since the course was pretty flat, I could see runners at all different points along the course.  It was like being surrounded by stars because it was so dark except for these points of light.  I truly felt part of a small community as we moved through the race.  We were all connected in the darkness with our own little pinpricks of light.



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