Time With Friends #sol17

I don’t have any kids, but some of my friends do. Last night, I went to my friend’s house to see her and catch up with her and her life.  She has two kids, ages 1 and 5.  We were sitting in the driveway on camp chairs with blankets on our laps and wine in our cup holders.  We chatted about my school (I am a 5th grade teacher) and her school (she is a professor and PhD student), her sister’s wedding, Stranger Things, Pride and Prejudice vs. Wuthering Heights, her son’s kindergarten teacher, and a surprise trip that my husband is planning for our anniversary next week.  At one point, her husband came home and joined us in his own camp chair.  He played his new tuba for us a little bit (he recently played for Mardi Gras in New Orleans), and we talked about a new product that his team just launched.  All the while, her kids are drawing with sidewalk chalk, riding bikes and Cozy Coupes, eating Goldfish crackers, and wandering around the yard.  As it got darker, I experienced such peace with the simplicity and joy of this entire experience.  We were just friends, talking about our lives, accompanied by children.  It was both an energizing and relaxing.   A great way to start the weekend.



3 thoughts on “Time With Friends #sol17

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    Noticing beautiful small moments. Yes, that’s what writers do! This small moment is absolutely not small at all. It is what our lives are made of. I loved the somewhat random (not to you, of course) list of things you and your friend talked about. I also caught the “surprise trip” that your husband is planning for you. Lol.


  2. hansonberries says:

    What a relaxing evening catching up with friends. Sometimes experiencing others children in this atmosphere isn’t always so. It’s nice that the addition of bikes and crazy coups and goldfish crackers only added to such a wonderful atmosphere!


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