November #Blogamonth

November is frequently a month that people reflect on who and what they are thankful for.  To honor that practice, I will write a gratitude letter to my assistant principal, who has been so instrumental in my growth as a teacher over the past year.

Dear Eleanor,

Thank you for helping me grow as a teacher.  I think of you as a friend and not just a colleague; I truly value the friendship and camaraderie we have cultivated over the last 15 months.  You are such an integral part of our school community, and my job would be much harder without you.  You make everything at school run smoothly, and you are so organized, which I love (great minds think alike).  You have figured out how to be both a “boss” and an “ally”, and you do both jobs beautifully. You are the most diplomatic person I have ever met–I think its your Britishness–and I know I can trust you if I need a confidant.

Thank you for being there during my first year of teaching at a private school.  Thank you for showing me the ropes and talking me through some of the difficulties of that teaching environment.  Thank you for encouraging me when I am frustrated or feeling like a bad teacher.  Thank you for smiling and being enthusiastic when I have a success story to share.  Thank you for taking my questions seriously and following up with me when you get an answer (or don’t).  Thank you for listening to my suggestions and passing them along.  Thank you for treating me like a valued coworker, a professional, and a friend.

I really appreciate all the times you listened to me complain about teaching 2nd grade and gush about teaching 5th grade.  You listen when I rant, and then we problem solve, so I hopefully won’t face the same problem in the future.  I never leave a meeting feeling down or angry or frustrated; I always learn something when we have our meetings, and I really value your feedback and advice.

Thank you for everything you do for me and our school.







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