BigHugeLabs is another tech tool that I learned about from a TeachersFirst OK2Ask session about content area vocabulary strategies in June 2016.  BigHugeLabs is a website that allows you to use images in a variety of different ways and make numerous products.  You can upload your own photos from Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, or Dropbox, or you can upload images from the Internet via url or download.  Using these images, you create a variety of products, including a magazine cover, pop art poster, photo album, and calendar.  These products are also available for purchase or sharing via link or embed code.

One product you can make is a mosaic using Mosaic Maker. You can make a mosaic with up to 36 photos.  Here is one that I made that represents the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) Approach to Learning “Self-Management Skills”:

Image hosted @

Another product is Photobooth, which uses 4 photos and put them into a vintage-style photobooth strip.  Here is one I made that shows the IB PYP Attitude “Curiosity”:

Image hosted @

Finally, I made this motivation poster using their Motivator feature.  Just like the motivation posters you see online, you can make your own, with your own image and inspirational words.  This poster represents the IB Learner Profile attribute “Communicator”:

Image hosted @

I have posted these on my classroom website to teach parents and students a little more about the IB PYP program.  This is just one usage for this website.  Students can share their photographs in creative ways; for example, my students are taking a photography workshop, and this would be a fun website for them to use to make some personalized products using their photographs.  Students can use the Motivator to practice spelling or vocabulary words.  Students can use photographs to show their learning in a visual way, instead of just writing.  Students can use the Magazine Cover or Trading Card for a book report or to share their learning about a book character or famous person they have been studying.  My students love puzzles, and there is a feature where they can upload an image and make it into a puzzle.  There are so many ways that students can use this site.  It has a pretty basic interface, but the finished products are fun and look good.

Teachers can get a school account–it takes a few days for them to authorize you–but you actually don’t need an account to use the site; you can download, share, and purchase your products without one.  If you and/or your students like manipulating and using photographs, this is a good site for you!


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