Vocaroo is a simple, easy-to-use voice recording platform.  Not only is it easy to use–it has such a simple homepage–it is also easy to share your recordings via email, a variety of social media outlets, as well as embedding it into a website.  You can even upload a recording from another platform into Vocaroo.  There is also a link you can follow to delete a recording if you don’t want it to be published any more.




I discovered Vocaroo as part of the TeachersFirst summer book club, and it was one of my favorite tech tools because I can see how versatile it can be in the classroom. This is a great website to use with students; I am looking forward to introducing it to my students later in the year.  It is easy to use, doesn’t require a login, and allows students to share their voice recordings with you and others easily.

Here is a recording I made using Vocaroo.  I made an example of a book talk that I can share with my students when I am introducing those to them.

Audio recording and upload >>

I could see my students using this to record a book talk, a summary of a book or article they read, observations they made on a painting/exhibit on a field trip, a synopsis of their last field trip or special event, etc.  Really, anytime students could write, they could also record using Vocaroo.  I could also use this to record messages for my students, about their writing, reading reflections, input into a discussion, etc. and email it to them to share my thoughts without always having to write everything down.  A great edtech resource!



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