Using Technology for Tactile/Kinesthetic Learning Experiences

While I provide my students a lot of opportunities to be move around during the course of the school day, I often forget about including tactile and kinesthetic learning opportunities. This chapter included a lot of useful resources for creating tactile/kinesthetic learning experiences for my students.

I am really excited about the resources that take you inside a computer.  Many engineers talk wistfully about the days when they took about cars, toasters, and other machines when they were growing up.  It is harder to take apart modern machines because everything is a computer.  I like this website the best because it is visual and includes definitions of some common computer hardware pieces:

I love the idea of virtual field trips because they take the best part of field trips (authentic learning environments) and take out the worst parts (bus rides, students outside of school, chaperones).  The Secret Annex Online will be a great virtual field trip for my World War II unit: I love the Tenement Museum, so I will be looking for a way to get this virtual field trip into our curriculum this year, maybe when we talk about human rights:

With the election this fall, I will definitely be talking more about civics this year.  I like the iCivics website because it has a wide variety of resources for both teachers and students:  There are lesson plans, curriculum units, games, persuasive writing help, DBQs (document-based questions), and real-world problems to solve.  Since I am always looking for more ways to bring in primary sources into my social studies teaching, History Scene Investigation provides historical events and documents for students to analyze: The investigation about the Atomic Bomb will fit in well with my WWII unit.


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