For module 6, I chose to experiment with an online survey tool.  I am already familiar with Google Forms, and I love that you can embed them so easily into a Google Doc or Slide.  But since this is about trying new things, I picked Typeform.  Typeform makes very pretty online surveys.  You can choose colors, fonts, styles from templates or create-your-own designs.

I could use Typeform any time I wanted to use Google Forms or another other survey.  You get a link that you can share via social media sites (including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) or email.  You can also just give the link to your students for them to use on their own devices (in class or for homework).  The one I created was a getting-to-know-you survey that I can use at the beginning of the year.  I could also use these surveys for feedback on presentations (either from me or other students), book reviews, formative assessments, exit or entry tickets…I can think of opportunities to use them at many different times throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.11.44 PM

This is what my survey looks like in real time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.12.54 PM

This is what the survey-building page looks like.

I found this tool very easy to use, despite some technical difficulties on the site.  The drag-and-drop feature made it easy to see the types of questions and rearrange them.  I especially loved the feature where you could add-on answers from previous questions into subsequent questions.  I used the answer to question 1 (What is your name?) in most of the following questions, so that each question addresses them personally (i.e., How old are you, [name]?). I enjoyed playing with the different types of questions, and I used a wide variety of question types just to see how they all worked.  The quiz looks really nice when it is finished, and you can view the quiz as how it will look to your students (or other respondents).  One feature that seems particularly cool is the logic feature, but it is only available on the “pro” version.  The logic feature allows you to have students skip questions based on how they answer previous questions.  I can certainly live without that feature, but it seems like it could be really useful.


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