Site: SlideShare

SlideShare is filled with other people’s PowerPoint presentations.  There is a whole section devoted to education-related presentations that teachers can use.  You can search by keyword or topic for something to support your teaching.  You can clip slides and “like” presentations to save for later.

Cite: Published June 2011.

PowerPoint presentations can take a long time to make, so it’s useful to have a website where you can search through presentations that other people have made.  I could use this website to introduction a new topic or provide some background knowledge before starting a new unit.  Students could make and share presentations through SlideShare as a summative assessment.  They could also use it to make presentations on their research projects.  There are some good presentations on there that are more related to pedagogy than content which could be informative for teachers.

I chose this specific presentation because I will be teaching a unit on art history this year.  This presentation gives an overview of each of the major movements in art history.  This would be a good presentation to start the unit and get students thinking about which movement they would like to learn more about.


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