Site: Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-creating platform where people can find videos and share them. You can add videos to channels, groups, and albums if you find a group of related videos that you want to keep together. You can search for other people’s groups, channels, and albums as well and browse by category.  Bonus: it’s ad-free!

Cite: A Human Rights Revolution from Amnesty International.  Uploaded February 11, 2012.

Link: A Human Rights Revolution

To me, Vimeo seems a lot like YouTube.  One benefit of Vimeo is that YouTube is often blocked by schools, so it’s good to have an alternative site available.  I like that you can create channels of related videos, so you could share the channel and students could have access to all of the videos on the channel.  This could be good for research projects or introductions to units or lessons.  Sometimes, a video is a good discussion or writing starter.  Students could also create their own videos.

I chose this particular video because I will be teaching a unit on human rights this year, and this video gives a good overview of the Arab Spring Revolution of 2011.


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