Site: ThingLink

Generally, ThingLink allows you to make interactive images.  To add interactive content, you create a “tag”.  These tags are links to videos, images, and text that are related to the main image.  Other people can mouse over the tag and see or go to the link.

Cite: World War II by Amari.  Created October 2015.

Link: World War II

I have already used ThingLink in my classroom.  I created a ThingLink with games, definitions, and practice problems for the time unit we were starting in math.  I emailed it to my parents, and they had access to teacher-curated activities to support their child’s math work.

In the future, I can see myself using this as a “hook” to get students excited about the start of a new unit or lesson.  It is also a good place to put a lot of useful information in one location, so I could create them to support their research projects.  I can also see students creating their own as a summative assessment for the learning in a unit.

I chose this specific ThingLink because I will be teaching a unit on WWII, and I liked how this ThingLink gave a bit of an overview, as well as information on underrepresented groups in history, including the contributions of women and minorities.


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