Module 3

This is actually the second website I have created, though this is my first blog.  During my last job search process, I created a website using Weebly in order to put my resume, credentials, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and teaching artifacts all in one place.  I liked the drag-and-drop features of that site, and I found it very easy to use.  I was going for a clean, organized, professional website, and Weebly helped me create just that.  It was just what I needed for that task.

I have found WordPress to also be easy-to-use.  It is visually appealing and simple to navigate.  Editing is quick ,and I like getting to see what the finish page looks like using the “Preview” button.   You can even see what it would look like on a variety of devices.  Cool!  I am excited to share my tech learning here, even if I’m the only one to see it.  Since I am trying to grow my PLN using Twitter, I like that I can add my Twitter feed to my homepage using a widget.


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